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Classic Beauty Products That Should Be Retired

20 Dec

Welcome to the second installment in our Classic Beauty Products That Should Be Retired series. Today we take on the ever looming menace….

Old Skool Petrolatum Lip Balms

The Myth: It’s in so many leading brands and sold in pharmacies, it must be safe!

The Lowdown:

It feels so good when you first start using it. It’s cool and soothing, it gives you a barrier from the elements. Slowly and without notice, the rebound effect begins. Your lips become unbearably dry if you don’t use it. Sometimes they will begin to peel. You find yourself re-applying more than 5 times a day and you swear it’s your favorite product ever. But guess what? Carmex is the worst offender with its petroleum base and additives like phenol and salicylic acid* begin stripping the moisture from your lips and encouraging them to peel. So every application leaves you just a bit drier. This rebound effect is similar to that of nasal decongestant sprays, which we know we aren’t supposed to use more than a week. The lip balm becomes the cause of the problem you originally purchased it to treat! The fact is, the companies add things like Phenol and Salicylic acid to prevent the petrolatum from causing pimples around your lips but it causes you to peel and use more of their product to treat it.

Bottom Line:

Avoid using petrolatum  lip products for more than a day or two. Save these balms for emergencies, like when you leave your good stuff at home and the only store within 20 miles is 7/11.

Look for ingredients like plant oils, such as; avacado, grapeseed, hemp and olive oil.

Alternative Products:
The organic EOS Smooth Sphere is a great alternative at only $3.29 .   Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector will  give you a glossy shine packed with antioxidants if you prefer a luxe lip treatment.