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Graduation & State Board

31 Jan

On December 21, 2010, I graduated from Esthetician school. It was a whirlwind of emotions, hugs and praise for me and my fellow classmates. I could not believe the months had passed so quickly and I was wearing a Cap and Gown with the year behind me. I purposely left my glasses in my purse for the ceremony because I knew if i could clearly see the faces of my husband and instructors that I would burst into tears. It was a good thing I did, because the moment I hugged my teacher, I just sobbed. It had been a long road to graduation for me. There had been set backs; my husband’s illness that caused me to take a leave of absence, 2 respiratory infections and an incident where my back decided it needed to spasm and lock while making the bed. All of these stumbling blocks were now behind me. I had studied every moment I was away from school, kept up on the modules and showed up from my absences already knowing the covered material.  It was a giant sigh of relief that night to walk away from campus knowing that I was all done and free to move on to a higher level of skin care education.

My state board exam was set for the end of January, so I had a month to focus and study for the exam. I took many Milady practice tests, studied my anatomy on the amazing Google Body and had my husband quiz me on all my practical applications. By test day, I knew everything that needed to be on my SMA for every procedure and when to wash my hands. My husband was kind enough to be my model and was pleasantly surprised to see how many boyfriends and husbands had come out to support their women as models.

I took my written exam in the morning and was pleased with myself that my studying had paid off and instinctively I knew every answer but a few. I breezed through the written exam. Just a few short hours later, it was time for the practical exam, and as I walked into the exam room, my nerves took hold. I knew that I needed to think of something to calm myself down quickly, so I looked at my husband, then I pictured all of my friends, family, instructors and classmates that had cheered me on and said I would ace the test. Seeing their smiling faces snapped me out of my nervousness. I knew with that  many people behind me and supporting me that this too would be a piece of cake.  I made my share of little mistakes, but kept my head up and maintained my smile and relaxed attitude.

At 4pm that day, I was handed my Esthetician License and I ran out of the building to hug my husband so fast that I crashed into him with brute force and gave myself a touch of whiplash. Best. Hug. Ever.