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‘Twas The Night Before Graduation

21 Dec

So I have finished Esthetician School. It has been a long uphill climb in which I learned much about skin, makeup, anatomy and myself. My graduation ceremony is tomorrow and I have yet to feel it hit me. There is a block in my mind that keeps saying “you aren’t there yet” I hope it hits me tomorrow and I feel all the joy I should be feeling.

Since I am so anxious right now, I am putting it into the universe that I would really like to be struck with unrestrained joy. Also, as a side note, I ask that the unrestrained joy does not result from a psychotic break into mania.

I will post photos tomorrow from the ceremony for your enjoyment, and proof that I know a bit of what I write about here on Cellar Door Beauty 😉

Right now I wish I had a warm Kneipp Herbal Bath to soak myself in. I discovered these wondrous soaks while living in Germany. Back then, I used them based on their scent, not their therapeutic uses. Their Orange and Linden Blossom Pure Harmony Herbal Bath is perfect for reducing stress and anxiety.  This is probably why I am a complete unabashed Orange Blossom addict.  Kneipp offers a wide range of herbal baths to treat everything from cold & flu, sluggishness, insomnia and achy muscles. I really believe in the power of aromatherapy and a great bath to treat what ails thee.

So good night fair readers, I am off to give myself a mini facial so I will have a flawless canvas for my makeup tomorrow! Gotta look good when you graduate from a beauty school and end up in the background of other peoples photos from odd angles. *smirk*

Have a happy Winter Solstice and a jolly Yule! Christmas is just around the corner! Whee!