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Why is it so important… #1

8 Jan

I am a starting a new series here on Cellar Door Beauty called “Why is it so important…” I will cover the necessities of a beauty routine here such as “Why is it so important to wash my face before bed” or “Why is it so important to exfoliate?” ect. I will try to cover all the things we slack off in our routines to save time. If you have any “Why is it so important..” questions, post them below or email me and I will definitely get to them on the site! Today we start with the basics…

  “Why is it so important to wash your face before bed?”

We have all been there, its late, your makeup still looks good and you are just too tired to remove it,  so you slip into bed with a made up face.  The next morning we awaken to a dirty pillow and smeared mascara,  so we wash our face and start the day over again with a fresh coat of makeup. What is missing from this picture? Down time! We all need down time, and so does our skin. Our skin needs time to breathe and repair itself. If it is coated in makeup 24/7 then it does not get the time it needs to restore itself.  You also miss out on the ability for nighttime power products to do their jobs. Night time is great for applying your AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) based products that encourage cell turnover leading to younger skin. It is also a great time to repair your eye area with a nice gel containing Vitamin K to help work on those dark circles!

So washing your face before bed is really important! Try not to skip it if you can! And for those who just can’t be bothered, at least use a makeup removing towlette before hitting the sack! It will make all the difference in the health and happiness of your skin!