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Classic Beauty Products That Should Be Retired

17 Dec

I officially graduate from Esthetician school on Monday, but my last day at school is Saturday. It has been a long emotional journey, but well worth it!  I have had some time this week in class to work on articles for Cellar Door Beauty, which was quite nice of my instructors to allow.

Today we start a new series here on CDB, Classic Beauty Products That Should Be Retired. This started out as a single post, but soon I was finding more and more products that our foremothers trusted that are detrimental to our skin health.

Today’s installment?

Apricot Scrub

The Myth: Our Grandmothers & Mothers used it, so it must be good!

The Lowdown:The long term use of apricot scrub on the face can lead to hypersensitivity along with leaving the skin with a shiny, red, rough texture similar to Rosacea. The problem with these vintage scrubs is the jagged pieces of apricot pits make tiny scratches or excoriations on the skin, leading to constant irritation. I have seen time and time again that within one week of stopping the use of apricot scrub, and replacing it with a gentle cleansing routine, skin redness and rough texture begin correcting.

Bottom Line: If you love to scrub, stick with formulas that use jojoba or other smooth scrubs that do not scratch. You can still keep your apricot scrub, just use it on your feet and knees where the skin is tougher.
Great Alternatives:  Neutrogena Clear Pore Scrub/Mask,   Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant


Come back tomorrow for the second installment of classic products that should be retired…. Petrolatum Lip Balms