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What is your morning skin care routine?

7 Jan

It’s no secret that I love sharing skin care with people. The most common question I hear is “how do i keep my skin looking amazing?” and the answer is simple; proper home care. You can be loyal to getting your monthly facial, but it you are not keeping up with your day to day routine, you will not see the results you desire.  I recommend a strong clinical strength skin care line such as IMAGE to really keep your skin in shape.  Of course you will need a   consultation to determine which products will be best for your skin type, but I will share my routine with you below.

First I start with a fresh feeling cleanser, Image Ageless Total Facial Cleanser. This cleanser does double duty as a cleanser and toner in one. I love my cleansers to foam and Image utilizes Ammonium Laurel Sulfate as a gentle foaming agent instead of the much harsher sodium laurel sulfate. Image’s Ageless Total Facial Cleanser also contains Glycolic acid to help with hyperpigmentation and breakouts. Finally, a  nice touch of Eucalyptus leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed.

Next I smooth a nice serum over my skin with power ingredients to help my skin fight aging, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. I love Ageless Total Anti Aging Serum. It contains apple stem cells to protect my skin’s own stem cells from free radicals and aging. It also contains Glycolic acid for resurfacing  and grape seed extract for antioxidants. It leaves my skin feeling taut and smooth all day long!

My final step is to moisturize my skin and protect it with sunscreen. I have been using Image Skincare for over a month now and have seen great changes in my skin. Image offers a unique Universal Moisturizer with physical sunscreens and antioxidants  to protect skin from free radicals and aging. I love how it absorbs evenly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and not sticky like some moisturizer/sunscreen combo’s i have used in the past.

So there you have it, my daily routine! It’s simple, direct, to the point and addresses all of my skin care concerns in 3 easy steps. All together this takes me 5 minutes maximum and is easy for anyone to follow.

What is your current morning skin care routine and how well is it addressing your skin care concerns? I am full of advice, so leave me comments and I will be sure to respond to any questions you may have!